An intercultural environment

Three students looking at a laptop screen

A unique blend of perspectives and experiences

Nearly a third of the population at Saint Mary's is made up of international students from a broad range of countries, giving the campus a unique blend of perspectives and experiences.

The presence of students from diverse backgrounds creates a rich and inclusive learning environment. Interacting with peers from different countries and cultures broadens perspectives, promotes cross-cultural understanding, and fosters a global mindset among students. This exposure to diverse viewpoints enhances critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and empathy.

The international community at Saint Mary's brings with it a wealth of knowledge and experiences that enrich academic discussions and classroom dynamics. Students can engage in cross-cultural collaborations, expanding their networks and forging lifelong friendships. 

Global learning and intercultural support

Students at Saint Mary’s have the opportunity to round out their education with hands-on experience and international connections by studying abroad. Whether you choose to study abroad as a Saint Mary’s exchange student or participate in an international field study course, you’re guaranteed to gain a new, more global perspective.