Tuition and Fees

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Tuition (includes all per-course mandatory fees)

Course Type Arts Commerce Science & Engineering Co-op
Nova Scotia *
Canadian/Permanent Resident
$770.70 $894.70 $857.70 $500.00
Out of Province
Canadian/Permanent Resident
$899.00 $1,023.00 $986.00 $500.00

International Students (before Fall 2022)

$2086.00 $2323.00 $2,252.00 $500.00

International Students(Start 2022-23 Academic year) 

$2146.00 $2389.00 $2315.00 $500.00

International Students (Start 2023-24 Academic year) 

$2247.00 $2503.00 $2424.00 $500.00

Tuition includes per course (half credit) mandatory fees: Arts Learning Resource ($10), Science Technology ($30), Sobey School of Business Career Services ($10).

*Per Course Fees are explained here.

*Nova Scotia residents ‌‌ receive the NS University Student Bursary of $128.30 per half-credit course.  

Ancillary Fees (2023-2024) 


Full-time Fee 
(more than 9 credit hours per semester) 

Part-time Fee 
(less than 9 credit hours per semester) 

Campus Renewal  $190.00  $114.00
Recreation Facilities Renewal  $55.00 $33.00
Copyright Fee  $15.00 $9.00
Sport and Recreation   $55.00   $33.00 
Student Services  $35.00   $21.00 
Systems Technology  $50.00   $30.00 
Totals $400.00 $240.00

Ancillary Fees will be applied to a student account based on the number of credit hours as noted above. The ancillary fees are explained here.

Student Fees (2023-2024)


Full-Time Fee
(more then 9 credit hours per semester)

Part-time Fee
(less then 9 credit hours per semester)

SMUSA Student Fee  $179.00 ($89.50 per term)      $66.00 ($33.00 per term)  
U-PASS (Bus Pass) $174.00 ($87.00 per term)  n/a 

*Students who register in the Winter term only will pay one term of student fees as noted above. 

Learn more about SMUSA fees.

Fall U-Pass

  • If you do not require your Fall U-Pass and wish to waive your Fall U-Pass fee, please contact

Summer U-Pass

  • If a student is registered in two or more courses for the May-June term they will automatically receive the Summer U-Pass at a cost of $89.00 based on the 2024-2025 rates.
  • Students who are taking one or more courses over the May-June and/or July-August terms can opt-in and purchase a U-Pass at the Service Centre for $89.00 based on the 2024-2025 rates.
  • U-Passes will be valid from May 1st-August 31st.
  • For questions regarding the Summer U-Pass please contact

Medical and Dental Fees (2023-2024)

Medical and Dental plans are administered by the Saint Mary's University Student's Association (SMUSA).

  Canadian Rates International Rates
Basic Health – 12 months (Sept-Aug) N/A $915.00
Basic Health – 8 months (Jan-Aug) N/A $608.00
Extended Health – 12 months (Sept-Aug) $250.00 $250.00
Extended Health – 8 months (Jan-Aug) $166.00 $166.00
Dental – 12 months (Sept – Aug) $120.00 $120.00
Dental – 8 months (Jan-Aug) $80.00 $80.00
For family rates (including dependents), contact the SMUSA Health Plan Office at or 902-496-8754

Medical and Dental Plan Information: 

Students with comparable extended health and dental coverage can submit an opt-out application during the term in which they begin their studies for that academic year and following the opt-out period set by SMUSA.

International students who hold valid provincial health coverage (known as MSI in NS), are on exchange from another post-secondary institution or who are sponsored by their home government/embassy, can submit an opt-out application for the Basic Health plan during the opt-out period set by SMUSA.

Opt-Out Deadlines: Fall Term - September 25, Winter Term - January 25, Spring Term – May 25

The opt-out application is available on the Student VIP website until the deadlines listed above. Students can also add dependents to the plan during these time periods. Opt-outs are only approved if the plan is unused.

Questions? Contact the SMUSA Health Plan Office at or 902-496-8754


Other Fees, Deposits and Charges 

Undergraduate Application Fee    $50.00   
Admission Deposit See application portal
Residence Application Fee $25.00
Residence Deposit $500.00
Replacement Student ID Card $15.00
Reinstatement Fee $50.00
Returned Cheque (NSF) $20.00
Interest on Overdue Accounts 12.67% per annum
Late Payment Fee $50.00