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Virtual University

To protect our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Mary's has temporarily shifted to virtual operations.
Learn more about the transition to a virtual university.
Phase One Campus Reopening

Starting on June 10, faculty and staff offices and labs are available for use; restrictions still apply to common areas. Any faculty and staff member who was permitted to be on campus prior to the April 28 – June 2 lockdown can return to campus, as long as this is consistent with your department’s current space plan. Learn more.

New Campus Mask Policy

Students, staff, faculty and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times while inside university buildings, with some exceptions. Please visit the New COVID-19 Restrictions page for more information.

Border Restrictions: Travelling Post Secondary Students Exempt in Special Cases

People from outside Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador will not be allowed to enter Nova Scotia unless their travel is essential or they are permanent residents of Nova Scotia. Travel that is considered essential includes:

  • Post-secondary students coming to study in Nova Scotia or returning to their permanent family residence in Nova Scotia are allowed to enter the province. They must self-isolate for 14 days. 
  • People can enter the province to pick up or drop off post-secondary students. Other than while doing the brief drop-off/pick up, people must self-isolate while in Nova Scotia – it is ok to enter and leave the province the same day. 
  • People bringing post-secondary students’ home can enter the province. They must self-isolate for 14 days. If they’re coming from New Brunswick, they can follow the NS NB travel protocol instead. 
  • Students must isolate in a completely separate space, although they can have a shared bathroom with others in the household as long as it is cleaned between uses. If this cannot be accomplished, the entire household must also isolate. The same is true for people who bring them home (unless they are coming from NB in which case, they can follow the NS NB travel protocol). 
  • Please note, this is for current semester pick-up or drop-offs. Students cannot come to Nova Scotia in the Spring to attend the Fall term. 
  • If you are dropping off/picking up a student from within Nova Scotia, please travel directly to the place of residence, making minimal stops and follow public health directives (wear a mask, social distance and wash hands).  Please return home as soon as possible. 

Students should be prepared to demonstrate their enrolment at a post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia at the border/airport. 

Please visit the Nova Scotia Government COVID-19 page for current information.


Spring and Summer Term 2021

Saint Mary's University is pleased to announce a continuation of our blended course model for the upcoming Spring (May-June) and Summer (July-August) 2021 Terms.

Learn more about Spring and Summer Term 2021 registration

Please visit the webpage on Spring and Summer courses to view the offerings and what term they will be available.

Our commitment to providing our students with access to quality education that is relevant, inter-disciplinary in its approach and connected to the community has not wavered during the COVID-19 disruption. We have transitioned to a virtual university to protect the continuity and the integrity of our students' education and degree requirements. Our student services and academic supports are being delivered every day, and we are adding new tools and resources to meet the needs, challenges and opportunity that this situation has presented.

Saint Mary's recognizes that it is essential that we continue to be flexible and nimble and that our processes and decisions will remain fair and transparent, responding to the needs of students and our larger community.